About Better World Advocates

These colorful custom-designed pieces of jewelry were created to help you advocate for the kind of world you and all of us want to live in together.

Every day we have the opportunity to choose what we focus on and what we talk about with our friends, coworkers and neighbors. 

The necklaces you buy and wear help you create new opportunities for heart to heart conversations about things that really matter to you. Things like peace, equality, justice, kindness, and respect of all life on this beautiful planet we all share.


1. Add something positive, hopeful, healing or helpful in every product and service offered. We are working hard at this and will continue to as we respond compassionately to the needs of the nonprofit and activist community.

2. Respond to customers professionally, promptly, and positively, in the same way, we would want to be treated ourselves. We always love hearing from what’s going on with our brothers and sisters out there.

3. Be honest, transparent, and informative when sharing information about products, services, and the company.

4. Seek first to understand co-workers, customers, and vendors and help them feel heard rather than focusing on being right or perceived by others as right.

5. Use ethically sourced materials and vendors who treat their workers with human dignity everywhere possible and promote these values openly.

6. Always be open to working with new mentors, partners, and positive people interested in building something positive.

7. Sharpen the Ax. Abraham Lincoln said given eight hours to cut down a big tree he’d spend the first seven sharpenings the ax. Learn something every day and share some knowledge with others every day. We try to do that by sharing tools for learning and growing here.

8. Go outside and unplug. Get out around people, trees, cats, dogs birds and bees every day and don’t be tied to emails or text updates. Wear some of our Better World Gear and have meaningful conversations with people.

9. Failure is only possible if one gives up or doesn’t try to learn from setbacks. Keep pushing ahead while learning from what’s behind you. Help us learn how we can do things better we value need your voice as our grassroots family.

10. Success is not only economic “growth” but personal growth too. We are here to help the world grow better together through a loving positive focus. If what you do each day doesn’t add value and good health to your life and that of others, keep trying new things until it does.

Our company is Better World Advocates and we are here to help us all raise awareness bringing about the better world we all want.

Join Us

Join us in promoting more Love, Peace, Kindness & Compassion by wearing fashion and jewelry that creates positive ripples of awareness!