I want to ask you some very important questions. Are you happy? Do you feel like things are going in the right direction more than they aren’t? Are you happy about how the world is today? This site is about us building a better world. So let me ask you another question. Do you want more peace in your relationships, peace at your work, peace in your community, and to live in a more peaceful world? Do you feel inspired by what you see happening in your country today or frightened by the things you see changing? Do you want to help make an impact in the world to change things for the better? We know you do. We all do.

We at Better World Advocates believe that every time one of us stands up for a better world it makes it easier for others to see that peace and justice in our lives is not only possible, but something that each of us can help bring about. When we live life with our hearts on our sleeves, with an open heart and are open to meeting others engaging in small acts of kindness and meaningful heart to hearts we create ripples of change in our world!

That is what our shirts, posters, mugs and other creative gifts are designed to do is help us create healthier more loving relationships in our lives together.

When we see people today in our country taking time away from their jobs, their social media, and their everyday lives, to go participate in protests and marches for a cause that they care deeply about it inspires us because we believe that each of us has the power to express our deepest held values and desires to see a just and kind world.

You have the power to inspire others through your acts of kindness, caring, and compassionate communication. So we can do more than protest. We can advocate for a better world by sharing what inspires us and touches our heart.

The inspirational T-shirts, custom jewelry, and other items we produce and make available for sale here at BetterWorld.store have been created so you could broadcast a message of kindness, love, and compassion as you live your life each day at home and work and as you are going on your way. Our shirts and other creative products help you align your deeply held values with your everyday life and start heart to heart connections with people about those values.

So we hope that you will find a shirt, necklace or something else in our store that speaks to you and for you and use it to create heart-to-heart conversations about the things you care most about.