Valentine’s Day is not always an easy holiday if you fined yourself alone as a widow or widower. We hadn’t given this much thought until we received a very thoughtful message to our Facebook page from the Young Widowed & Dating Online Support group.

“Words cannot express what winning this shirt has meant to me. It has given me back a piece of my heart that I thought I had lost. My husband always made Valentine’s Day a big deal with roses and candy and always a trip somewhere. By wearing this shirt I can keep his memory alive in my heart so thank you from the depths of my heart.” ~ Jody, Contest Winner

As Valentine’s Day inched closer, there was an air of sadness in the Young, Widowed & Dating online support group. The group’s Administrator Kerry Phillips wanted a way to boost spirits and so “14 Days of Surprises” was born.

Each day, between February 1 and 14th, members would have the opportunity to win a surprise gift. Better World Advocates was the very first vendor Kerry contacted to see if they’d be willing to donate one of their aWEARness shirts.

The owner readily agreed to donate an item but thought a customized shirt may be more appropriate for our group. Each member had lost a spouse previously and many were without a Valentine.

The shirt created for the giveaway, “Happy Valentine’s to My Forever Angel” enabled the winner to add his or her spouse’s name. There was such great excitement in the group and thanks to Better World Advocates’ fast printing and shipping, the shirt arrived in time for the winner to proudly show it off for Valentine’s Day.

Better World Advocates truly lives up to its name. It certainly made the world better for the Young, Widowed &Dating group and the winner!

If you have a group, charity, or non-profit that would like to have a shirt or other product featured on our Better World Advocate’s store donated to your contest please use our contact form and let us know!