Ever ask yourself the question, “how can I make a difference in the world?

Get involved! Find a local group of people working to build a more just equal world and join them. They need your voice and spirit! We all do. Got any other links to organizations asking people to participate in rebuilding our country and world? Share them! After all, what is the world but a collection of communities just like yours?

If you want to make a difference, be the difference! Be involved. Take action. Visit organizations in your own town that are working on ways to help others. Sign up to volunteer for organizations that work globally through their websites and help share a greater awareness of the issues you care deeply about.

When you take action you empower yourself to do more, to feel better and help the world get better. Become a better world advocate and you will make a difference in the world!

Here are some ways in your control where you can make a real difference in the world every day!

1. Just be kind. Think before you speak or post on social media and ask yourself is this kind? Is this helpful? Would I want this said to me or a loved one?

2. See the invisible. Nobody should be invisible but many feel unseen and alone. People walk by the homeless and hungry without making eye contact, sharing a kind encouraging word, or offering help. Many cities have catch-all phone numbers where people can call to get social workers help and other life saving help. In Los Angeles California for example one could call 311 and people will come out and interview people to see how they can bring them help from food to housing and medical care. So sharing information like that with people in need can make a difference.

3. Share the love! Help people focus on love, kindness, compassion and the good in the world. What we think about and give our attention to most often grows. So wear positive tee shirts, jewelry, hats, and share stories of hope with others you know and others you meet. Be a positive caring person that looks for the good and shares it!

Here are some organizations you can look into and see if they match up with your own desires and concerns. From helping senior citizens, the hungry, the home bound, to helping save pets and preserving our natural environment there are many ways you can get involved every day and make a real difference as a Better World Advocate today!

Get Involved Reaching Out To the Elderly Near You!


I love this site and organization! Great practical ideas to get involved and make a real difference growing love in our world!

“You know that rich life experiences are indispensable. They’ve helped make up everything you are today. So just imagine how many valuable stories, lessons and experiences your elders can share with you. When you spend time volunteering with seniors, you’ll benefit just as much as they do—and you can learn a lot too!”

Saving Pets In Your Community


“PetSmart Charities finds homes for more than 400,000 dogs and cats every year.

Kids Face


“Kids For A Clean Environment is an international children’s environmental organization started in 1989 by nine-year old, Melissa Poe. The club, with a current membership of 300,000 in 15 countries, was established to help children who wanted to learn more about the world in which they live, provide a way for children to be involved in the protection of nature, and connect children with other children who share their concerns about global environmental issues.”

Earth Force

“Through Earth Force, youth discover and implement lasting solutions to environmental issues in their community. In the process they develop life-long habits of active citizenship and environmental stewardship.” http://www.earthforce.org/

Farm Sanctuary Help prevent farm animal abuse.


Friends Of Animals Get involved in campaigns to protect wildlife and all animals.


First Book – Help poor children get books! http://www.firstbook.org/get-involved/volunteer

Public Citizen – Public welfare advocacy organization. http://www.citizen.org/Page.aspx?pid=1326

Common Cause http://www.commoncause.org/states/

League of Women Voters http://member.lwv.org/subscribe.asp

350.org Environmental http://350.org/map

NELP Protect Working People http://www.nelp.org/campaigns/

NAACP Find your local chapter! http://www.naacp.org/pages/find-your-local-unit

Results.org Reduce Homelessness & Poverty http://www.results.org/site/find_a_community_results_group/

CASA Help Foster Children in need of love! http://www.casaforchildren.org/site/c.mtJSJ7MPIsE/b.5301309/k.9D58/Volunteering.htm

Green Vistas Help Foster Children & Veterans in Florida. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Green-Vistas/316180641835520?fref=ts

National Council Of Jewish Women- Helping women and children! http://ncjwla.org/volunteer Jewish Homes For The Aging – Where my own grandmother lived & thrived. http://www.jha.org/volunteer