By Joseph Segal, FounderĀ 
Better World Advocates

Well first of all I’m working on this myself I’m no expert per se.

1. Spend time among creative, positive, loving seekers and reduce or eliminate time spent where there are a lot of complainers and people attacking others for whatever reasons they have.

2. Start each day by watching and listening to something positive like inspiring talks from or positive role models/leaders in ones field you find on Youtube. Starting the day with “news” and negative people in media often taints the entire day negatively.

3. Find and acknowledge 3 things each day to be grateful for. The sun rising, your kids, having a roof over head etc etc

4. Don’t engage in arguments with people. I like to practice saying “that’s an interesting perspective” then moving on. This is hard to do but we are not here to be right, we are here to be loving and healthy!

5. Meditate. Sit quietly each day for however long you can focusing on each deep slow breath in and out and see yourself connected to all of life. You are one with all of life.

6. Visualize your day going the way you want it to “your perfect day” as you start the day take ten minutes or more to close your eyes and visualize good things happening for you and with you, meeting people who love and support you etc. Use all senses possible, sight, smell, sound, taste, touch and incorporate your emotions too!

7. Visualize yourself surrounded in a glowing sparkling bubble of light that shines like a mirror and any negativity people send you in their thoughts bouncing off the bubble and any love penetrating it and returning to them three fold.

Well those are some ideas. I hope you finde them helpful! Joseph