What is it that fills your life with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, even joy? What is it that energizes you?

This is I would say at least as important as any other question like what will make you the most money or bring you the most accolades. We all know that life is perhaps by design hard. It is filled with seemingly insurmountable challenges both on a personal and societal level. But time after time we and society at large finds ways of surmounting these challenges as our personal history and the world’s history has shown us.

Still in spite of the fact that we know we have a track record of overcoming our obstacles we all are vulnerable to the realities of life that sometimes weigh us down on a daily basis, sometimes on a moment by moment basis!

The thing is that’s normal. It is just human to feel set upon or even crushed by the normal and sometimes unforeseen events of life that befall us. So my question is if we know that these things happen and on a regular basis, what is our strategy for picking ourselves up when life weighs us down?

So I will ask you what the title of this piece asks, what is it that lifts you up and elevates your life? Is it spending quality time with your children, spouse and family? Is it your art and creative expressions? Perhaps it is volunteering in your community to help the less fortunate that brings you quiet joy and fulfillment.

Whatever that is which brings you both peace and happiness I say now is the time to honor that and add more of that in your life! If you should be so fortunate that your work is your source of joy and fulfillment then count your blessings and better yet share them and help bring others into your field who are looking for opportunities.

Sometimes it is the “little things” which bring us joy like a walk on the beach or by the lakeside. Sometimes enjoying a cup of (hopefully fair trade) coffee and reading a good book sitting on the couch with your loving cat or dog makes our world seem sane and even wonderful again. So I implore you to make time to do that and be aware of the good that is in your power to create and experience.

Life can often seem very heavy and burdensome especially if one is emotionally sensitive to the suffering of the world we live in. Those of us involved in fighting for causes to defend the vulnerable, help the needy and build a better world can let the setbacks we encounter tilt us towards the path of despair. And should that happen as it does from time to time we can take a lesson from the practice of Mindfulness and choose not to dwell in it.

Recognize that setbacks and even tragedies happen to all of us. They always do and always have and perhaps always will happen. But we know that people are resilient, creative, innovative and loving in ways that tend to uplift the human condition in remarkable ways! So we face our problems the best we can and take actions to address them and then we must move on and choose to do what uplifts us, fills us with joy and helps to build a better world! Because it is only with the strength that comes from a purpose filled fulfilling life that we energize our dreams and realize our goals.

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Joseph Segal

Author of Becoming A Love Revolutionary. Changing the world by walking your path of heart.

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